Red Umbrellas

When I found this in Google Street View my first impression was that these have been custom laid for the GSV car. A search on the Net however revealed that these were part of the an art installation for Paris Nuit Blanche - an annual all-night arts festival.

A digitally modified version of this image to make it look like a work of art, can be seen in my other blog - Google Street View Art.

Sunny Side Up

Google Street View

A Fried Egg sculpture made from concrete. Located in the park by the river in Bali Township, New Taipei, Taiwan.

Three Coats and A Travel Trunk

Image Source: Google Street View

Image from Wikimedia Commons is by ד"ר אבישי טייכר

An unusual and rather bizarre cast aluminium sculpture at the Ben Gurion University in Be'er Sheva, Israel. The sculpture was created by Israeli sculptor Ofra Zimbalista in year 2000. As per sculptor's web page, the
size of first coat is 130x45x50 cm, second coat is 100x40x40 cm, third coat is 165x50x55 cm. and the trunk measures 58x110x60 cm.

Various web pages have given different names to the trunk in the sculpture; Travelling Box, Steamer Trunk, Travel Trunk. The variation could be due to translation from Hebrew to English. I have however retained the name, as given in the sculptor's web page - "Travel Trunk".

Source of info: (in Hebrew) (English Translation) and Ofra Zimbalista's web page

Credits: I had found its Google Street View by serendipity and had no idea what it represented. I made a post about in Fun & Games section of GEC and requested information about this strange sculpture. I am thankful to Walter, BridgePlayer, Georges-S, esq. and Noisette for sending me details about it.

Eternity - An Unusual Sculpture

Image Source: Google Street View

Image Source: Google Street View

An unusual wooden sculpture in the park near the ruins of Koknese Castle, Koknese, Latvia. The fort dates back to 13th century. The Sculpture known as "Eternity" (Latvian: Mūžībai) was created by sculptor Ģirts Burvis on the occasion of 725 anniversary of the castle.

The 11 metres tall sculpture is made out of old oaks. Three vertical standing oak trunks, supporting two draped figures. The sculpture symbolizes the past, present and future generations.

Source of info and more info: and

Big Catch

Google Street View

A rare catch by the Google Street View camera. It was spot on the moment the bird swooped down on the fish and flies away with the prized catch.

I found this view at B4459 bridge on River Teifi, near the small village of Pencader in Carmarthenshire, Wales.

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